perjantai 25. huhtikuuta 2014

Totuus Valkeesta vihdoinkin julki

Earlight swindle -sivusto toi totuuden Valkeesta viimeinkin julki. Artikkelin otsikko kertoo oleellisen:

University of Oulu: Valkee’s “revolutionary research” is a sub-standard bluff.

A group of non-specialists, not working on a one-way hypothesis dictated by their commercial side project. This lowest-performing of all research groups at the University of Oulu lacks results, and is deemed to have no perspective.

For the company selling the earlight device, this means:

- Valkee Ltd has made false claims that there are significant research findings backing up the earlight treatment.
- Valkee Ltd has made false claims that there has been high-quality earlight research.
- Valkee Ltd has made false claims about its cooperation with the University of Oulu.

This is the official stance by the University of Oulu. Finally,

- Early expert warnings were correct, but Valkee Ltd did maliciously defame critics.
- Valkee Ltd fraudulently made thousands of people buy the scam device.

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