sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2016

Tiukkaa kritiikkiä Asmo-laturista fb-sivulla

Steve OO on jättänyt Asmo-laturin fb-sivulle 27. syyskuuta tiukan kommentin, joka sanoo asiat suoraan. Arvatenkin Steve on ennakkotilaaja, joka on tuskastunut odotteluun, joka tuntuu aina vain jatkuvan...

Asmo charger. Fail fail fail. First off in your campaign along with bold promises you have told us that with the funding you collect you are going to manufacture the chargers. Obviously you had no clue how much it actually cost to make them and since than you are trying to collect money to push out these units. You have received 10s of thousands of public money. Hiring ex Jolla Mark was a joke. As Jolla was and still an absolute failure for the very same reason your charger is a failure. He brought nothing but more lost credibility. This is exactly what you have now Asmo. You have lost all credibility. Yet amazingly Kaleva seems to find you public money seems to find you and you can continue with your lies. You have not managed to make one single product with annually sells, where is you gaming company Asmo? You are not an expert, but a shame of entrepreneur. Shame on Oulu and Finland that they call you up again and again.

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